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Relaxation Techniques

I should be stressed. The biggest project of my career is due Monday morning, and I’m out of the office all next week. I have to have all i’s dotted and t’s crossed by end of day Friday.

What’s funny – I don’t actually FEEL stressed. Here’s why:

I went to lunch with my friends today. My best-friends-at-work friends. I love them so much. On the way back from lunch, we ran into another friend, and then I was late to a meeting with more friends. I’m grateful to have so many friends at work. I love you guys!

After work, I played Pokemon Go while waiting for Uber-Lemur. (It sounds fucking cool and he is my ride home, so it’s true.) Caught a Drowsy…imagine that. Our building is surrounded by the yellow sleepy-time variety.

Lemur and I went for a walk when we got home. That’s always relaxing.

I came home, started tea, and cleaned my bathtub to take a bath. I NEVER take baths during the week, and especially not at 6 p.m., but today called for it.

The tea is horrible, by the way, but it’s healthy? It has milk thistle, which is supposed to be good for your liver (hence the name, Liver Longevity Tea). It tastes like weird sweet tea with a side of mystery meat. It’s what my grandma would call hearty. I just pretend it’s made from the livers of my enemies.

I gave my dog a hug, and now I’m getting the blog out of the way before 8 so I can write. Overall, I’d say this was a pretty relaxing day. I might be a little stressed come Friday afternoon, but for now, I’m fine.

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