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Resistance Is Not Futile

It’s been a long year, and it’s only half over.

I was ready to give up today. I was not alone. Many of you offered resurgence on social media today. A couple of noteworthy blog posts you may have missed:

  1. Amy Lane. (Read this one at your own risk. There’s something wrong with me – Amy makes me cry, even when she’s being gross, political, and angry.)

  2. Chuck Wendig. (No, really, this one is safe. This one is important. Read this one, even if you skipped Amy.) 

I’m tired. I’m sad. I’m so frustrated. I’ve had it with this congress, this president, this everyday world where people are rude, mean, and stupid because their president is.

I’m tired, but I’m still fighting. I’m still contacting my republican senators. I’m still contacting my republican representative. I’m still watching my state congress with interest, since Iowa may be the next state to try to dictate what bathrooms people should use.*

I’m doing my best to create, to write, to complete edits on a story I really like. The problem with the story: there’s no emotional connection to the characters. That’s because I HAVE NO EMOTIONS right now. Well. Is sarcasm an emotion?

I’m making progress. It’s slow, but it’s progress. I hope to have something to submit by the end of July. Please, dear editor who may or may not be reading this blog, please be patient with me. My resistance is working. I will restore my emotions and lasso my muse.

*You may not know this about us, but we happen to love collegiate sports in Iowa. Our state politicians better think long and hard before they piss off the NCAA.

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