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Reticulating Splines

I’m caught in limbo. I should be writing. I should be blogging three times a week. I should be planning, being, and doing more than I am.

Instead, I’m lazy. I don’t feel the best. The heat drains the life out of me. Either that, or a vampire visits my room each night while I’m asleep. Last night, my sleep tracker says I was awake for fifteen minutes, but I don’t remember being awake at all. 

Vampires with compulsion are real.

I should be writing more vampire stories. Instead, I’m watching ghost movies and reading a historical romance about ghosts (A Gathering Storm by Joanna Chambers). Reading always helps me recharge, and this book is so interesting and well-written that it’s hard to put down.

As in Sim City, it takes me a couple of weeks after PrideFest to reticulate splines. I’ll be back to normal soon.

Or I’ll be a vampire.

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