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Tom Brady and I are the same age. While folks are telling him he's too old to play football, they're telling me I can't retire yet because I haven't paid enough money into Social Security and my 401k. If we all made the same amount as professional American football players, imagine what we could do with the rest of our lives. Granted, I'm not at risk for a concussion at the day job, unless one of my monitors falls on me.

I have another reason to hate February, friends. It's about this time every year I feel completely burned out at work. My end-of-year vacation and MLK Jr. Day get me through the darkness of January, but by mid-February, I'm looking forward to my next day off. That's not until Memorial Day, unless I want to take time off beforehand.

This year, though, I get another week of vacation at the day job. While part of me wants to burn it all at once, practical me wants to take a day here or there to coincide with my re-release schedule. I'll have Spread Your Wings back on Amazon in April, and Pika Perfect in June. I'll have a new release in July or August. If I get to writing the story that ties "Spoils of War" and "Quality Assured" together, I'll have a three-story vampire anthology to release in October. I'll have my New Year's novel ready to release in November/December. In February of next year, I hope to relaunch The King's Physician as a prequel to my five-book fantasy series, which will tie up 2022.

All this while working full-time.

It's a good time to get an extra week of vacation. I'll be using most of that time to write/edit/market/proofread/insert other writing career words here.

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