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Return of the Living Edie

I feel like I've been in a murky haze for two months while I waited for cataract surgery. Surgery was a success! I can see better than I've ever seen in my life. I actually know what color my eyes are, now that my contacts aren't tinting them up. I can ride in the car without feeling sick and I can read street signs! I may even drive again one day soon. (I choose not to drive most of the time, but it might be fun now that I can see!)

It's also NaNoWriMo, so I'm starting a new project: the sequel to Breaking All the Rules with two characters introduced in that book: Stan and (briefly) Jason.

Stan is Robbie's friend from Seattle. He's a bit more successful as an actor, playing the vampire lead in the paranormal movie series where Robbie is his sidekick. Stan's also got an alcohol problem that, for one night, turned into a drug problem that almost cost him his life. When Drexel agrees to be Stan's agent, he adds a stipulation to the contract: while filming his next movie, Stan will have a sober companion.

Drexel met Jason through a rent boy service. Instead of much-needed sex, Jason recognized him and refused to have sex with him. Instead, they spent the night talking. They stayed in touch while Jason got his psychology degree and joined a start-up offering a new kind of therapy: sober companions for people battling addiction. Jason thinks he's got his career figured out after his first two clients have been sober for two and one year, respectively. With Stan, he's got another think coming. (That is still the weirdest saying.)

Stan's a cocky bastard in Breaking All the Rules, and then he's a little broken when he's begging Drexel to be his agent. This book will be rebuilding Stan into a better person, while testing Jason's belief that he's good at his job.

I also have news about The King's Physician!!! I just finished proofs and added the author bio (not much change from Spread Your Wings) and dedication (I forgot to thank my writing buddy and my alpha readers - I AM AN ASSHOLE.) Thanks to all of you who follow the blog, joined my newsletter, and wait anxiously for my next book. I love all of you. Yes, even you, the hater who buys my book just to shame me and tell me what a bad writer I am. You know who you are.

I hope to have more news and a cover reveal soon! Stay tuned <3

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