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Reverse Cheers

“Sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name And they’re never glad you came You want to be where you can see Your troubles are quite insane That’s why you want to go where nobody knows your name…”

I’m feeling quite antisocial. The thought of going to work Friday grated on my nerves. WORK. Why would I want to go sit by people who don’t know me and pretend everything is all hunky-dory fantastic?

I’m tired of lying and responding, “I’m doing all right,” when people ask. I’m NOT all right. I’m HERE. I DON’T WANT TO BE HERE. I want to punch my coworkers in the throat when they say “good morning.” THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT MORNINGS.

My work week spills over into the weekend. Saturdays are hard because there’s never enough sleep. Sundays are hard because I think about everything on my schedule on Monday. Today, I have the added bonus of working from home to complete a task that isn’t mine any longer, but we don’t have anyone else to do it.

I am blessed to have such a great job, I really am. I am grateful that they allow me to do the job I want, even though it’s not my current job description. I’m grateful that they think I’m good enough to keep my job while other people are losing theirs.

But don’t talk to me on Mondays. Mondays are the worst.

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