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Sad September

For the first two years of Freddie Days, I spent the last two weekends in August slaving over my laptop, ooh-ing and ah-ing over all the pictures and memes of Freddie Mercury I'd amassed over the years. The third year, I forgot until the last minute, had some serious issues with Facebook future publishing options, and almost scrapped the whole thing. I didn't. I continued for two more years.

It's 2020. Chances are I would have scrapped the whole thing this year regardless. After this dumpster fire, I don't have enough spoons to sort through hundreds of memes to pull out my favorite eighty images and create daily posts about them, even if those posts are one sentence or less. I've done this for five years and gained twenty-four followers. I'm obviously doing it wrong. It's time to move on.

I've unpublished my Freddie fan page. I'll post a few memes to my author page to wish Freddie happy birthday on September 5th, but nothing like Freddie Days. I'm not saying goodbye, though. I'm publishing a new page to my website Saturday morning with a previously-published poem, "Mercury Rising." When inspiration strikes me, I'll add more Freddie to the new page.

I'm sad to see Freddie Days go, and I'm sorry if you're sad, too. It was a fun five years, "And I ain't never, never sayin' goodbye" (an English astrophysicist wrote that - you'd think he'd know better). I'll find new ways to honor Freddie. Email me if you have ideas and want to honor him, too.

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