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Say It

I excel at telling people to get out of my life. I have the coldest cold shoulder. I mute, block, and delete before I say, “Fuck you,” because the “Fuck you” is for my benefit, not the person being blocked.

I know the power of words, and the power of silence. For that reason, I’m trying something new. Well. Maybe not new. I’ve talked about gratitude many times over the life of this blog: Here, herehere, here, here, and here. The something new? Speaking my gratitude.

I’ve said “I love you” to more people in the past month than I’ve probably told in my entire life. I’ve said, “I appreciate you,” more than I can count. I’ve said, “Thank you,” to end every conversation with a colleague, a friend, even my dog.

If you love someone, say it from your heart. If you appreciate someone’s presence in your life, tell them. If someone takes a moment to help you, or make you smile, or just to check on you and see if you’re okay, acknowledge them. “I see what you did there. I appreciate it.”

We are here to express who we really are, whatever you want to call it: Love, or life itself, or the force, or God. We are here to express our highest form to each other, to awaken and evolve into better people. Even if you know you won’t receive a single nod of encouragement or acknowledgement from the other person, or even if you know you’ll be rejected. Do it for you.

It also helps to take a moment to acknowledge adversity in your life. You don’t have to say anything to your bullies, your trolls, or your constant pain in the ass. Just take a moment and say, “I’m glad so-and-so is in my life. He/she/they taught me the importance of .” Or “He/she/they taught me about myself  I never would have experienced without them.” Acknowledge it, and then let it go. “I no longer need to experience this in my life because so-and-so taught it so well. Thank you.” The bully, or troll, or pain in the ass will probably still be around, but I hope you’ll find they no longer bother you. It worked for me.

I love you, my friends. I love everything about sharing this existence with you on this rotating sphere of rock. If you love me back, pay it forward. Share the blog link. Tell your people (or pets) you love them. This world needs a little more love and a whole lot less hate.

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