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Shadow Vamps Rule!

I'm going to promote Working Stiffs, our amazeballs m/m vampire anthology, the only way I know how: by promoting some other vampires.

If you have FX or Hulu, check out What We Do in the Shadows. This show makes me laugh harder than I've laughed in awhile, which is important right now.

For the most part, these are the vampires we're used to - landed gentry who have been in the New World since it was first founded. They own a mansion in Staten Island, they stick to old world ways and they're lost whenever technology is involved.

All except Colin. He's an energy vampire. We're not even sure he's actually died. He eats real food and feeds by sucking the life out of his cubicle mates by boring them with boring stories and unwinnable arguments, just as his title implies.

Colin and Guillermo (the familiar) are my two favorite characters, but the whole cast is fun and funny. Not only that, but with Taika Waititi staying on to produce the show, they're able to pull in wonderful talent for each episode's guest stars. The first episode of the second season had The Sixth Sense's Haley Joel Osment and Doctor Strange's Benedict Wong. Nadia's love interest throughout the ages is Jake McDorman, the actor who followed Bradley Cooper's movie lead in the television series, Limitless. I'm not great at identifying actors and actresses, but I'm often checking IMDb after each episode for more information on where I've seen so-and-so before. Check out this star-studded clip of the Vampire Council.

See what I mean? The show is fun, but don't take my word for it. Since I just quoted Reading Rainbow, here's a lovely m/m vampire charity anthology: Working Stiffs. Pre-order now so it lands on your device on May 1!

I'd read that rainbow... <3

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