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Silver Linings

In all this darkness, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the good that has happened in the last week to restore my faith in humanity. This is going to read like a top eight, not a top ten. I guess I bagged it off of MySpace. (Go Girl.)

1. Everyone sharing #metoo on Twitter and Facebook. Men. Women. Nonbinary people. Many, many people have come forward to tell abusers it’s not okay. It’s not appropriate to hit on us in the workplace. It’s not appropriate to proposition us on the bus, or subway, or when we are walking the streets. It is not okay to rape, assault, or harass us in any way. The rape culture in this country is real, and it has to stop somewhere. Thank you for sharing your stories, your statuses, and for adding your voice even though the very act of doing so triggered horrible memories. Me. Too.

2. The best friend of my best friend offered to help out a friend of mine for the simple fact that we are friends. How often does that happen? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It’s not even for me, and yet, I am so, so grateful. You have restored my faith in kindness and in people.

3. My team, my best friends at work, and my extended work contacts, also known as “My Peeps.” When I get frustrated with work politics, my coworkers always bail me out, either with fun jokes, a shoulder to cry on, or dual rant sessions where we complain about oxymoronic behavior for a certain department that will not be named. I am fortunate to work with a fabulous group of people who pull me from my own depressive self-fulfilling prophecy and who protect me from my work bully. Thank you. A million times, thank you.

4. Favorite authors who take the time to PM me back on Facebook. I have never attempted to reach out to Stephen King (I’m not worthy), but I doubt he’d have the warmth and kindness both Amy Lane and Gus Li have offered me this past week! I love the M/M writers community so much! You all are amazing, and you care about upstart newbies like me. You have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you.

5. My crit partner / beta reader / awesome editor in chief. I know I don’t always hit the mark. Thank you for pointing out where I could do better, where I need to do better. Thank you for your patience. It’s been many, many weeks this year where I haven’t offered a damn bit of writing, and I have absolutely no excuse. YOU ROCK for persevering and continuing to work on preparing your own novel for publication. 2017 isn’t over yet. I still have faith in us!

6. Our neighbors, for not backing over our dog when he got loose this weekend. Seriously. THANK YOU.

7. Our pup, for not running away when he had the chance, and for teaching us the lesson that fences need to be built now, not later.

8. Lemur, for holding down the fort while I was gone. For taking me to and picking me up from the airport at I-don’t-think-so o’clock. For holding me down when I want to break things. For overcoming his shyness with the neighbors while I froze in place. (I am no help in a crisis that involves crossing the street. The vampire aversion to running water also applies to moving vehicles.)

What are your silver linings this week? Who gives you in humanity? Hit up your top 8. Feel free to share in the comments, or on FaceBook/Twitter.

Love you all! Continue to be the silver lining for the people in your life. You’re already the silver lining in mine.

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