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Snow, Geek, and Fail

Part 1: Snow

So it finally snowed in the midwest…

Guess who didn’t get a snow day. That’s right. This girl.

However, guess who grew up living in the country. Every time snow covered our gravel road, we had a two hour delayed start. So now, every time it snows, I’m keyed up all night long. 

Is it going to snow all night? Are we going to work from home tomorrow? Is it still snowing? How about now? NOW? Has my boss texted me yet? Did they close the building? Do I have to take a shower? WHY GOD WHY???

Part 2: Geek

In our team meeting, my boss asked us to share something that happened over Christmas break.  I geeked out over my three new onyx metals (Team Death Match, Active Reloader, and Cover)…which impressed NO ONE. I’m 3,883 hammer-burst kills away from three more: Hammerburst, Master at Arms, and Rifleman. At least LOOK impressed. You know I can see you through your webcam… Just kidding, but if you’re as paranoid as I am,  you just covered the webcam with a sticky note.

After work, we met with our financial planner. After all the boring financial stuff about the weak market in Europe and how poorly the BRIC countries will do this year, we talked about The Walking Dead and Highlander. That’s why we love Ed–he knows his shit, and he likes to geek out about craptastic television as much as we do.

Part 3: Fail

I made it five days without failing a single one of my daily goals. Today, I failed my first resolution by buying lunch instead of bringing it. Now, it’s ten minutes to my bedtime and I still need to edit a chapter on a finished manuscript, lift, and exercise for 1/2 hour. Not to mention write new words in the pirate novel. Which means I failed five of my resolutions today.

I don’t care. I survived, and tomorrow is another day. I don’t need to meet all of my goals every day. I worked, I planned for my future, and I did the wife thing. (No, I don’t mean sex, although…. I mean one of those family things that don’t belong in my blog.) 

Tomorrow, I’ll lift and exercise, edit a chapter, and then I will write more pirates. And maybe, with any luck at all, I’ll have a surprise blog before the end of the week.

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