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Songs without Words

The problem with writing to Hamilton: now that I know the words, I’d rather sing than write. I laugh, I cry, and two hours later, no words appeared on the page.

I listen to video game and movie soundtracks when I write, as I’ve mentioned before. The soundtracks on my list today: God of War 3, Child of Light, and Prince of Persia. I also have some traditional Japanese instrumental music and Yanni thrown in for good measure. I write more when I’m not distracted by words. I’ve written 35 pages this week. Daily pages, but those include a short story I’m writing. I’m actually writing, not thinking about how great it would be if I could write.

My world has been work, Pokemon, and writing for the past week, so that’s all I have to share. No, not even Harry Potter, unless you mean potter4ham:

What type of music is your favorite while you work?

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