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Special Delivery - Holiday Boxes

Remember way back when I blogged about people trying to put me in boxes? I didn't realize how far I'd come from that place until last holiday season.

I saw one of the folks who put me in a box at my old job. I was dressed for a holiday party in my Deadpool holiday shirt. Okay, there isn't a Deadpool holiday shirt. I started with my black Deadpool t-shirt, broke the clay hat off a santa ornament, tacked it to the top of his head with a safety pin, and hid his giant gun with a bedazzled Christmas tree. Boom. Holiday shirt.

"Wait. I need you to explain," box person said, gesturing at my ... everything.

"Deadpool is a Christmas movie."

Dear reader, I got "the look," the one that says,Wow, you're even weirder than you were five years ago.

Most of my current teammates get it, and they get me. If you want to shove someone back in a box, it ain't gonna be me.

I'm grateful for my nerd job and my nerdy friends. I'm not going back in the conformist box for anyone. Happy Holidays, fellow weirdos. Stay weird.

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