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best vacation

We took a week off and went nowhere. That’s our thing. Lemur doesn’t like to travel, and we had tons of work to do to get ready for our fence.

What we did: Got a dumpster and filled it with 30 cubic feet of yard waste.

What we didn’t do: See Avengers Endgame like we promised our friends.

What I haven’t done yet: Finished the story due at the end of the month, or cleaned my house for the final episode of Game of Thrones tomorrow. However, my yard looks beautiful and ready to install a new fence in seven to eight weeks.


This is the reason we need a new fence: little dog can jump from floor to table (yes, that’s him on our drop-leaf table) like it’s nothing, and has no qualms about jumping a four-foot fence.

table (2)

How about you? What do you do on stay-cations?

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