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Staycation Plans

I make tons of plans over Holiday weekends. Here are some of my big girl plans to reset my midyear writing schedule:

  • Start writing daily pages again

  • Write 500 words per day - no cheating and saving them for the weekends

  • Finish (and name) this New Year's novella before the end of May

  • Read all 28 of my TBR reference books, oldest to newest purchased

It's Tuesday. I've already gotten my steps in, and when this blog is done, I'll have some time to write my 500 words. Will I also have time to write daily pages? My guess is no, not if I want to finish the reference book I'm reading today. I think I'm making progress on my 60 book challenge, and then Goodreads updates and I'm three books behind instead of two.

I'll do my best to start these habits before June 4, but If I can't, this is how I plan to spend my Staycation: Journaling, writing, and reading. My time off isn't long enough to build a new habit, only six days, but I can feel like a real writer for those six days. Feeling like a real writer is a shitty trade-off for hanging out with my Bestie, but it's my only option right now.

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