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It's Stone of Power Release Day!!!

Here's everything you need to know about Stone of Power, book one of the Farbonnur Elves series!

Thanks to the lovely Natasha Snow for this gorgeous cover! (If you like this one, wait for the next five - they are all stunning!)


For over a century, exiled elves Velden and Faraki have sought to return home. Now, they may have a chance. If they can protect a healing stone from greedy blood mages, their goddess may grant their wish. Unfortunately, the humans have never been that cooperative. With missing memories, a dying king, and a pair of physicians who can’t decide whether they love or hate each other, the elves have their hands full. If they fail, it will be the end of days for everyone.

Stone of Power is a 66k word M/M romantic fantasy with an Enemies to Lovers M/M Romance sub-plot. This book has a fickle goddess, a trickster who's lost his magic, an uptight physician who does everything by the book, and elves waiting for their fated mates. Come for the enemies-to-lovers HEA; stay for the elves!

The humans' story was previously published as a 35k novella, The King's Physician.


See Farbonnur FAQs for cast, terms, and a map!

Here are some fun quote promotional things I put together:

Julian was the king's physician, and a mage, but now he's forgotten everything about magic:

Eldrich is the new king's physician, and despises Julian for causing a court scandal:

Velden is the series main character, an elf exiled from his home in search of his fated mate:

Faraki is searching for his fated mate, too, somewhere in the fabled tree-citadel of Elsinor:


Available on Amazon for $4.99 (ebook) $12.99 (paperback) or FREE on KindleUnlimited!

If you love the book, shout it out on social media! <3 I look forward to hearing from you!

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