• Edie Montreux

Stress Buying

I don’t have time to read. With all the errands, appointments, and activity of May, I’ve been getting 10k steps without the treadmill most days. That means my To-Be-Read pile is stacking up.

I buy books when I’m stressed, too. And then I’m stressed because I’ll never have time to read them all.

I had a moment to read (on the treadmill – I was multi-tasking, not lying about) last night, so I picked up Ava March’s Convincing Arthur, recommended by a writer friend. Quick read, nice heat level, ache in my heart for the happy ending. Very sweet 🙂 When I get down on myself for not selling a full-length novel yet, I remember not everything has to be a long diatribe. Reading (and finishing) anything, from short story to full-length fantasy novel, makes me feel accomplished and not so stressed.

With that in mind, I now need to finish writing a contemporary novella. That would reduce my stress level tremendously.

What do you buy when you’re stressed?