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Stuff and Things

It’s been a long time since I blogged. Saturday. The world can change in three days. Well, it can. I’m not saying it did.

Stuff #1: I am still writing the short story. It’s going to be a novella when I’m through. It’s already so much better than it was the first time around. If you’re waiting to read it, I’m so sorry! The Day Job is also fucking crazy right now, so no promises on a date. I’m still hoping to have it to betas by the end of July.

Thing #2: I lost a Facebook friend. Meh. I culled 20 people from my list a couple of weeks ago, so in my head, I know losing one is no big deal. However, there’s the whole “so-and-so FB friend is a scam” going around. If you received a friend request from me in the past seven months, know that I am a real person. (Before that, I couldn’t guarantee. I blame Welcome to Nightvale.)

Stuff #3: I have started listening to Welcome to Nightvale again, since I just mentioned it. “Hearing,” is more like it. I have it on in the background while I work.

Thing #4: The 14-year-old pup is doing well. Thank you for asking. He’s eating his food, and he likes the new neighbor puppy, Dayzsha. Yes, that’s my crazy spelling. It’s probably wrong, but you’ll say it right.

Stuff #5: Amazon Prime is not as great as Spotify, according to my best friend at work. I’ve purchased a couple of soundtracks. Aladdin and American Psycho. I had no idea they made American Psycho into a musical. It’s hilarious. Everything I wanted Patrick Bateman to be. The original London cast recording was not cheap, friends. Somehow, it’s free on Spotify.  If you have Spotify, check it out. If you don’t, try it on YouTube. The only thing it’s lacking is this guy:

Thing #6: Pokemon Go is a divorceable offense. You have been warned.

Stuff #7: Exercise is a bitch when the temperature hovers between lows in the 80s and highs in the upper 90s. Welcome to Iowa in July.

Thing #8: Everything in Iowa in July reminds me of my best friend. Hence the Aladdin soundtrack. Pardon me while I railroad this blog to have a private, one-sided conversation with my best friend (again, I blame Welcome to Nightvale): No, I am not going to see Regina Spektor on your birthday. You told me to get her autograph, which sounds like failure to me. I chickened out. Plus, I’ve only ever been to one concert in my life, and I like that statistic.

Stuff #9: That one concert was pretty awesome. Aaron Neville. Free Jazz in July concert. I can’t bring Freddie Mercury back from the dead, so that’s the best I’m going to do in this life. Regina Spektor’s pretty great, but she’s not free and she won’t be outdoors. However, she did write a song about an event we experienced at Grinnell:

Thing #10: Public Service Announcement: It’s Freddie Mercury. It’s not Fred. It’s not Freddy. One fucking internet search would give you the correct information. The asshole roadies used to call him Fred to butch him up a bit. Don’t be like the asshole roadies. Oh. OH. That may be how I lost that one Facebook friend. *The more you know.

I could go on all night, but I need to treadmill for an hour to make up for my extreme inactivity in this heat. Then, I have some video tapes to return.

I may be psycho, but I’m YOUR psycho. Thanks for reading.

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