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Switching Things Up

This Tuesday/Saturday blog schedule isn't working with my return-to-office schedule. I need the weekend to get back into writing, and a full day in the office on Tuesday is enough to kill all my writerly drive. Until I get this back under control, I'm switching to blogs on Monday/Friday. Thanks for your patience while I work through my post-quarantine/still-COVID life.

Why the switch? I'd like to blog about what I plan to do with my writing time on Fridays, and then what I accomplished on Mondays. Otherwise, I'm too tempted to blog about work, and nobody wants to hear about my day job, trust me. My dad practically hung up on me when I told him about the bruises on the backs of my arms from the newfangled way we have to open heavy doors with our feet.

This weekend, I'm still working on getting back up and running after my computer lost a battle with Pikachu (sounds better than "got fried by lightning"). I hope to send "The Arena" for beta review and I need to read through Medium to Well to start working on the synopsis. I also need to start writing Breaking All the Rules again. The outline is done. Why is it so hard to now start adding words? In an act of desperate procrastination, I will most likely send my outline to betas for review, too. I'm not rewriting this manuscript for a sixth time. If it doesn't work now, it never will, and I'll have to say goodbye to Drexel and Robbie as the boys who exist only in my head and whose story I am unworthy to tell.

It's going to seem soon, but I will check in on Monday to let you all know how it went. Then, we'll talk again Friday about my plans for next weekend.

Have a great weekend and happy reading!

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