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Tax Scam Bill

I am so tired of this shit.

Okay, I get it. The House and Senate now need to work together to integrate both of their tax bills, and then they have to vote again. It will be up to the Senate, since the House is clearly fucked.

I have done everything I can. I have petitioned, called, faxed, and sent letters and emailed my Republican senators. Joni Ernst doesn’t even bother responding to me. Chuck Grassley sends the same bullshit response each time, one that I can’t view on my phone because it’s cut off at half screen. Seriously, fix your format. Email is not something people read on computers these days.

I don’t understand how someone who has more money than they need in twenty lifetimes donates money to congress so they can have even more money and take shelter and clothes off the backs of others.

The mark of a society is how it treats its poor, its downtrodden, its weak and old. Republicans have said all year that they want the poor, downtrodden, weak, and old to die poor and without lifesaving medication and treatment. A man died last month because he could not afford insulin to regulate his diabetes. Insulin. Think about that for a moment. Let it sink in. Are you angry yet?

I’m FURIOUS. I’m tired, but I’m still fighting. We will keep fighting. We will rally, march, protest, and walk off our jobs if we must. It’s bullshit that we have to do these things to make a point. At what point did these Alt-right rich pricks decide they were no longer human?

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