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Terrible Day

“Your day was terrible? The Holocaust was terrible. Your day wasn’t so bad.”

-50 Proven Stress Reducers handout

If you think you had a bad day yesterday, remember this: your day may have been boring, or annoying, or difficult, but it wasn’t terrible.

Unless you were in Paris yesterday. Then, your day was terrible.

I once wrote a letter to the editor of my local newspaper about education spending. I rolled out of bed with a mission on Tuesday morning, as an unemployed former teacher with something to say. I fired up my computer, hellbent on sharing my dream-inspired opinion.

Somehow, I bypassed the news on my way to the paper’s website. I ignored the front page and clicked on the “letters to the editor” link, which took me to a text box on a blank page.

It was only after I shot off my letter and read the updated front page that I realized that letter would never see print. It could have been the best piece of writing I’d ever submitted. Didn’t matter.

The date that Tuesday morning? September 11, 2001.

Yesterday started off like most mornings for me, with one exception. I’d gotten another visit from the ghost. We call it a ghost, but we all know it’s someone who roams the building, causing mischief.

It doesn’t even matter. Will I remember the ghost prank? No. I will remember the attacks on Paris. I will remember sitting at a restaurant with Lemur, wondering why the soccer game on television ended so abruptly. I will remember watching the horror on the news.

Yesterday was a terrible day for Paris. Compared to terrorist attacks, the ghost prank is forgettable.

Love one another. Learn from one another. Live in peace. Heal the suffering.

These seem so much more important today.

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