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Thank You for Reading

Tuesday’s Top Ten was postponed yesterday. We had a death in the D&D family: our dungeoneering cat extraordinaire, Baloo. He will be greatly missed. I imagine he’s found those “Bare Necessities” in the great beyond.

(((HUGS))) to Baloo’s family. I lost my little buddy, but they lost a family member.

As Queen says in “Thank God It’s Christmas,” “It’s been a long, hard year.” I’ve grown a lot, and yet, each new experience shows me that I haven’t grown enough. I need to make my own path when the road is closed. I need to stop looking for approval and validation. Most of all, I need to stop wasting away for someone else when I should be thriving on my own.

In the tradition of Queen, I owe you gratitude, my friends.

Thanks to my readers! I’ve had almost 4,000 blog hits this year! I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading. (The uncomfortable walk-by stares, not so much. If you would please stop doing that, I appreciate it. Thanks.)

Thanks to Lemur for putting up with me. I choose him again every day.

Thanks to our friends for being awesome. I don’t know how I even have friends. I am paranoid and I have major trust issues. My aura probably looks like this:

Still, we have so much fun when we’re together, as long as we’re not at work. For those of you who have only seen me at work/lunch lately, I’m so sorry.

Thanks to the family members who know about the blog and want to hang out with us anyway. We love you so much!

Thanks to the haters who read the blog just to report back to my boss about what a horrible bitch I am. Fuck you, too. Tell her I said that.

Thanks for the memories, the blog hits, and the love (or hate). Your continued support gives me hope and keeps me sane. Thank you most of all for the sanity.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be blogging for the rest of 2015. I just thought you might need a little gratitude pick-me-up. I know I did. You are all my “Favorite Things.” 

Which reminds me:

I love you all so much! Happy whirlwind weeks before the holidays! (Or, if you’re Jewish, relax and enjoy the quiet between Hanukkah and New Year’s.)

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