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The Costco Cake Challenge

We play Dungeons and Dragons every two weeks with an awesome group of people, from 3-8PM. Around 5, our DM* breaks to cook dinner. This is how she expresses her love, and her cooking is amazing, especially to a girl who can set a stove on fire with a pot of noodles. This week, our DM cooked chicken gravy and Grands biscuits, a fantastic meal in and of itself.

And then she sent her boyfriend to Costco, for one of their mousse-filled white cakes with butter-cream frosting.

Why? The Portal song, of course. We started singing it during our last gaming session, and well, we needed cake.

If you’ve never had Costco cake, you’re missing out. It’s good cake. However, you’ve been warned. Do not try the Costco cake challenge at home.

There are six of us. The cake, as sounds reasonable for a big box store, serves 48. 

To adjust for so few of us and so much cake, my friend starts carving out pieces the size of four pieces of cake. It’s a plate o’cake when served. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. It’s two sheet cakes with a layer of mousse between, so it’s like eating eight pieces of regular sheet cake.

The Lemur and I, being the polite gamers we are, decide we had better take the Costco cake challenge so we can come back in two weeks and partake in the awesome food again.

We were the only two idiots who ate a full four-piece serving of cake. I could have taken on the whole undead army myself with that amount of sugar. It was awesome.

So today at work, my boss tells us we still have a Costco cake in the fridge, left over from an event last week…

No. No way in hell.

*Don’t know what DM stands for? Look it up. I don’t coddle non-gamers. You missed out on one of the best parts of young-adulthood.)

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