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The Fiction Office

How do I write a blog post about a completely unproductive weekend without making it gloomy and dripping with self-loathing?

I did one thing right this weekend: I purchased another surge protector when I bought another monitor for work. That means I can move my "Fiction Office" across the hall from my "Web-slinging (Spiderperson?) Office" and have my own little writing nook in the library. (With the candlesticks - Clue joke? No? Too old?)

I moved my Scrivener laptop to the Fiction Office (with the new surge protector - WIN!) and set everything up. The only downfall to that room is the seating - the room is mostly bookshelves, the desk is tiny, and the only chair that fits under the desk is an organist's stool. No arms, which I love - I always remove the arms from my office chairs, anyway. No back, though? Maybe I'll work on my posture. I thought about getting myself a ball chair, but then I'd bang my knees on my tiny desk all the time.

After all the moving, I managed 683 measly words. I still need a cover for "Quality Assured." I did not edit "The Arena," either. I have my work-after-work cut out for me this week.

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