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The Gift of Space

Our house isn’t cluttered, per se. We don’t have much cupboard space in the kitchen, but we do have plenty of storage throughout the house, including two huge closets and a basement full of shelves.

One item for which we don’t have room: a piano. An untuned piano, no less. A piano no one wanted from us, even when we offered it for free. How does one get rid of a huge, heavy piece of furniture no one wants?

Lemur cut it up. That’s how. The parts that cannot be cut now reside in our garage. Unlike this piano, I don’t think it’s going anywhere…

We’re also going through our clutter and getting rid of everything we don’t love. Even books, which is hard for me to do. I love them all, but they fit much better in my Kindle than they do on my shelves.

It amazes me how much I’ve accumulated over the years, only to never touch it again. Notebooks from teaching. Textbooks. My old iPod. Our old cell phones. An entire bookshelf full of DVDs we no longer watch. Three shelves of party games we never play.

I don’t want or need anything for Christmas. I want to hear from my friends. I want to see my family. I want the gift of space from everyone else.

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