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The Magical Amulet

I saw a Twitter post this weekend, and once you see it, you'll know why I had to share.

While some of these are not true for me, some of them are excessive. I have a shelf full of notebooks "too nice to write in." I have markers and at least five different kinds of pens rolling around my desk drawers, but I never have one when I need it. I once had enough books to sink a ship (but now I have a trusty bag-of-book-holding, or a Kindle for those of you who don't play D&D). I don't have enough coffee mugs - please send more coffee mugs. I love over-sized mugs to fit four cups of coffee and endless supply of hot tea.

The one that got me, though. Half of a magical amulet.

Once upon a magical summer, I received half a magical amulet as a gift. My best friend had the other half, and he gave it to me on the last day at Grinnell College's Summer Institute.

The minute I returned home, my ex boyfriend cleaned out my luggage, found the amulet tucked away in a pocket where I'd carefully sneaked it, and, along with an entire album of pictures I'd already packed into an album, he lit a fire in our burn barrel, waited for the pictures to burn hot enough to melt the amulet, and tossed it in. (I may or may not have ripped out his heart.)

What I learned from this experience: I don't need half of a magical amulet. The magic is inside me. I have the power to fight bigots, racists, and misogynistic assholes (or that three-in-one loser). I will always remember how special that summer was and how much I learned about myself, my dreams, and the world. The magic of friendship can't be melted or destroyed. Friendship lasts forever.

As for the rest, I have cat ashes. Does that count? No?

One final question after looking at this list: Are we authors, or are we witches?

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