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The One About Writing

I promised to give a writing update after my crazy-time-of-the-month ended and I could think rationally. Well, that time of the month is over, but check the title of this blog. I’m always a little crazy.

So. Writing.

I submitted a poem to the Freddie Mercury Memorial anthology that I hope they’re still planning. They needed a Kickstarter for the David Bowie anthology, and then decided it did so well, they wanted one for Freddie, too. I wrote the poem in college. That’s right, I paid good money to write that poem.

I’m still reading The Artist’s Way. My inner artist is getting stronger every day. If you feel blocked or dissatisfied with your current creative process, try the course for yourself.

It’s National Coming Out Day. In case you didn’t already know, I’m an ally of all things LGBTQI. I’m good with “Love is love is love,” but I still slip up and say the wrong pronoun when it’s supposed to be “they.” One day, I’m going to write a book with generic pronouns, and maybe we’ll adopt them once and for all. If you already know of a book in the English language that shows progress toward generic pronouns, please suggest in the comments.

The most important thing: I’m writing again! For the first time, I have a plan that involves more than wishing and hoping and other 60’s sing-alongs. Thank you to all who are helping me on this journey, and for all who have showed me what I do and don’t want to be when I grow up.

I have more interesting news, but it isn’t mine alone, so I will get back to you.

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