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The Struggle Is Real

I’m doing my best to share my writing struggles. There hasn’t been much to report lately. I am waiting to hear back on two submissions. I’m writing a story for an April submission call. I wasn’t happy with my website, so I took it down. I’m in the process of creating a new one. It’s not going well. I know what I want to see, and I haven’t found a way to create it yet.

I’m doing writerly things, and getting nothing in return.

It’s probably better this way. There’s another scandal in the m/m community over a writer I’ve read, and this saddens me. Allegations of groping and assault. Wow – not this girl. Though I want to make real-life, meat-space connections with other writers, I’m an odd, awkward duck in person. I’m demisexual. If I get a hug outside my marriage, it makes me uncomfortable. (Yes, even family.) PSA:

There’s also another scandal (maybe the same one?) concerning another female claiming to be male. Different day, same shit. I’m so tired of this. Be who you are. Be honest about it. I’m an ally. I’m a married woman. I write M/M romance because gays need love, too. I write LGBTQ+ fantasy because I want a better tomorrow for LGBTQ+ kids. If you think there’s something wrong with that, or with me: You are part of the problem, not the solution.

Why do I keep writing? I can’t not write. It’s who I am. I could be perfectly content sitting here at home and never see another human being in the flesh. Here, I am free to create new worlds and fill them with diverse and wonderful people.

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