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The TBR File

If you’re a Kindle fan like me, you’ve replaced the stacks of books waiting to be read with a stack of books in a folder, hanging out, waiting for you to get to them. This folder is marked TBR: To Be Read.

If you’re also like me, you have more than one TBR file. I have three.

Work TBR is full of user experience testimonials, teambuilding, and developmental books. This is also where I store my novel writing books, which don’t stay there long.

Genre TBR is where I store M/M Romances, the genre I write. My goal is to keep this one as empty as possible.

TBR is my least-read. This is where I store large market fiction. These books may have gay characters, but the storyline is not romance, nor are the main characters gay. (BORING, but I’ll read them eventually).

I have a total of 128 books in my TBR folders. That’s not counting the amazing CB Archer books I can’t even get on my Kindle (I have to read them on my phone).

I only read sixty or so books a year. It will take me over two years to read everything I have right now, and that’s only if I don’t buy any new books. Or read the physical stack of books (only one stack! YAY!) sitting on my desk. Because books.

I need a new reading goal. I also have an intense writing schedule this year, on top of a crazy busy work schedule. I read on the treadmill, but I don’t use the treadmill as much, now I have an active pup with energy to burn.

How do you find time to read? Do you have a set number of books you read each year, or are you more go-with-the-flow and read whenever you can? Respond in the comments, FB, or Tweet.

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