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The Writing Front: Three Quick Hits

It’s been a long couple of days, my friends.

Let’s skip over the bad, the sad, and the frustrating, shall we? Here are three quick hits on my writing progress:


I have maintained the 100 Day Writing Challenge so far – WOOT! I’m still writing longhand, which I find less distracting, and you better believe I count the words on days when they don’t come easy.


I have two scenes/chapters left to write, four to revise, and then I’m done with this submission call! Then it’s on to the next one.


I pitched Breaking All the Rules for #CarinaPitch. No takers. It’s probably for the best. It still needs a last polish and a few good betas before I’m ready to submit.


I’m keeping the blog short and sweet tonight so I can focus on writing (and not on counting words).

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