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Toilet Design Fail

Any idea who designed this toilet? I’d like to kill that person, unless he (or she, let’s be fair. Some stupid woman could have designed this horrible thing.) has already passed on to another life.

We have two toilets of this design in our house. See that S-curve outline at the back? Impossible to clean. IMPOSSIBLE. This is the reason I clean my bathroom twice a year. It’s disgusting and I don’t like doing it, especially when you can’t even tell I tried.

This is a much better design, probably designed by someone who has cleaned a few toilets.

Our next home improvement project is going to involve installing two toilets like this one. I promise, I’ll do more deep cleaning when I feel like I’ve actually cleaned something, not just pushed the dirt around the curve a few times.

In case you missed it, I also wrote a guest blog for my friend Kevin Klehr about the caucuses on Monday: Iowa Stubborn vs. Iowa Nice. Thanks so much to Kevin for allowing me to share my mad ravings on the Caucus with his fellow Australians, who must think we are all crazy.

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