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Too Short

How burned out are you? On a scale of "I kinda resent the amount of time I spend at my job" to "One week's vacation isn't enough to recover my fucks, so I'm going back to work with zero fucks to give," where would you say you are? I have zero fucks to give, folks. It's going to be a long short month coming up, and I have a ton of work to do before I can rest.

Three days off is not enough, but thanks to surgery, I'm going to take some unpaid time at the end of the year just to get the two weeks I really need to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Time off is a blessing and a curse. All I want to do is read to forget all the other shit I should be doing with my time when I don't have to work.

When Thanksgiving week is too short for vacation, I know I'm in trouble. How do you recover from burnout?

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