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Trivial Trivia

The Soup is back on E! As a reader of gossip magazines when I was a kid, I LOVE The Soup. Yes, I blame Star Magazine for my love affair with Hollywood. My mom worked at one of their printing presses, so I got all the cool Hollywood gossip and no one else in our sleepy farm community even cared.

Something that impresses me about The Soup: The final Joel McHale episode was December 18, 2015 (2015!), but all the same shows are still on the air. We're still hearing about The Bachelor, Shahs of Sunset, Real Housewives, and Vanderpump Rules. Who is watching this crap? I love getting the highlights (these shows are ridiculous!), but there's no way I would spend an hour of my life watching stupid people with too much money do stupid things for more money.

While I'm on the subject of television, we've started a weekly trivia game at work to boost engagement. It's quickly become five random questions about television shows.

I can name four shows I've watched from first episode to last in the last ten years. Game of Thrones. Silicon Valley. Stranger Things. Supernatural (still sitting on the final season, but I will watch it just to earn the Completionist medal). That's it. That's the extent of my television viewing experience. Each show has its cult following, and I could rock some trivia on each show.

These are not the shows my teammates watch. They watch Chernobyl, The Outsider, Breaking Bad, and Better Call Saul. They have seen every episode of The Office three or four times. They can remember episodes of Friends twenty years later. Our Office trivia was so intense it talked about specific episodes. Sheesh. Nobody's got time for that.

What's some trivial trivia you would ace? I'm looking for some ideas the next time I take the reins.

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