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True Gifts

Each Christmas, my family donates to charity. We decided about four years ago that if my sister re-gifted one more piece of shit to us, we would resign from all Christmas festivities. Instead, my parents changed the rules. We now donate what we would pay on gifts.

Because we don’t do gifts with family, I don’t expect gifts from friends. I should expect it by now, but every time, it’s a surprise and a treasure. For those of you who thought of us during this gift-giving season, thank you.

Over the last four years, my outlook on gifts has changed. Then, I put value in how much someone spent, even if the gift was something I would never use. Now, I would rather have coffee and a long chat with a friend than receive a present. (Granted, the present that came with a long chat and coffee is the one I’m still struggling to repay.)

I am blessed to have wonderful people in my life who want to buy me gifts. However, this is never a prerequisite for me. If you never bought me another gift in my whole life, split every bill 50/50, and even sent me a bill for damages from conventions, I would gladly repay you.

The experience of being there with you was the only gift I needed.

I hope someday you will also want to spend time with me.

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