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Tuesday Playlist

My blog for tonight is just a playlist of the songs going through my head. Surprise – no Hamilton!

“Fly Like an Eagle” – because time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future:

And then, because the Steve Miller Band is my spirit animal, “The Joker”:

And “Jet Airliner.” Because.

And then, because I need to sleep tonight, three songs about dreams:

Why the dream kick? We watched Apt Pupil yesterday. Why the fuck, right? Sir Ian McKellen, you fool. Even so, horrible movie. The movie is steeped in death and homophobia, on top of all the Nazi shit. The next time I want to see Sir Ian and Nazis, I’m watching X-Men or X-Men First Class instead.

I also forgot Brad Renfro died. Needless to say, I had weird dreams last night. We’ve also been on a paranormal horror kick, so I dreamt he was standing at the foot of my bed, watching us sleep, and then we started talking, like that’s perfectly normal.

So yeah. Dreams. If this is like The Ring, I’ve just passed my horrible nightmares on to you. You’re welcome.

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