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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Avengers Writing Memes

Yes, this is sheer laziness. It’s a busy week for me. I’m also starting a new story, so I’m spending a lot of time butt-in-chair, or feeling guilty because I’m not butt-in-chair.

So, on the heels of Avengers: Infinity War, here are my ten favorite Avengers Writing Memes. (You know without asking I haven’t seen it yet. I hate theaters.)

10. Tony Stark, writing advocate:

9. Because. Reasons.

8. Like you needed more reasons.

7. But you do what you want. (Okay, this one says Studying. We can’t all be writers.)

6. When he first catches you staring…

5. But then he notices you’re still staring:

4. And then, because you needed a close-up:

3. And then this happens:

2. The Credible Hulk:

1. My all-time favorite writing meme, brought to you by Nick Fury:

Hit me up on FB with your favorite writing memes. Also, if you made these memes, let me know so we can worship your skillz. ^__^

Here are some extra Avengers (or just Sebastian Stan) memes, for your enjoyment:

Oh, I almost forgot. I made this one:

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