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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Best Professional Advice

Today, I hit a low moment where I wondered if I was picked for this project just so they would have a reason to fire me. I’m out of my comfort zone, I’m a hormonal wreck, and our project team is under a time crunch to get this thing done before I fly home Friday. 

To keep my cool, I have been reminiscing about the best advice my current and former bosses have given me.

10. Different isn’t necessarily better. Unless it is. Sometimes, teammates will come up with an idea just to have five continuous improvement projects under their belts. And sometimes, that shit really works. Change what you’re doing when it works. To do that, you have to try it out. I can name several people who never try anything new because they’re stuck doing it the way they’ve always done it. Their loss is my gain.

9. Do your best, even if that means you leave the guy next to you in the dust. (Auto correct suggested I leave the guy next to me in the hospital…my phone is a BADASS!)

8. Always tell the truth. If they fire you for telling the truth, you didn’t want to work there anyway.

Now, granted, there are some truths about me that I’m withholding from my co-workers. I’m not hiding the truth, exactly. I’ve said I write romance. I’ve said I write stuff that may not be library-worthy, or appropriate for young viewers. One day, they’ll be able to look up the name of the publisher and go “Holy shit, that’s gay romance.” I’d like that to be the day I hand in my two weeks and it never matters again.

7. Go home when it’s time. 

The work will still be there tomorrow, but you will be refreshed and ready to kick its ass. I’ve learned this over the years as an hourly employee for companies that hate to pay overtime. Now that I’m salaried, fuck it. I’m going home. My neck hurts. My back hurts. My coffee has worn off, which means I’m done for the day.

6. Love your peeps. 

No, I don’t mean sugar-coated marshmallows. I mean your work peeps, your friends in mutual despair.

5. Be yourself. Stop hiding.

4. Do what you do best every day. Yes, it’s a gallop survey question, but it’s important to engage somewhere, even if it’s not your current job. Even if doing your best is having a cup of coffee.

3. You can do anything once, including download Chrome onto your desktop. Thank me later. 

2. It’s better to seek forgiveness than to ask permission.

“Oh. I’m sorry. I thought everyone had Chrome. It’s un-hackable and one of the best free web browsers available.”

1. Live your passion.

I love writing and editing. Writing and editing content for my day job is perfect while I work on my novels and pay down my house. This is my passion, and I’m happy to live it every day.

I am still traveling, so I will add flair when I return home. Until then, love your peeps and live your dreams. I’m going to live mine until they fire me, or until I have to walk out in protest for one of my peeps. Let’s hope we have the house paid off, first. 😉


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