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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Christmas Songs

It’s that time of year again. The most horrible time of the year, I like to call it. Granted, it’s not nearly as bad as it once was. We aren’t buying any gifts for family this year (does that mean I have to double my charitable donation?), and we aren’t staying overnight anywhere, either. We’ll have a quiet long weekend of reflection, and then a crazy stampede into the new year.

It’s already the eleventh. Fourteen days until Christmas. Two whole weeks. That means it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit. The best way to do this is with Christmas music. I’m amazed I haven’t covered this topic for Christmases past. Maybe time really does heal all wounds.

10. All I Want for Christmas Is You, Mariah Carey

To be honest, this song is overplayed and gets on my nerves after the first couple of times I hear it each year. That being said, this song reminds me of the Christmas my grandma flatlined in the hospital, but came back to us. We were so overjoyed we bought her a bear that sang this stupid song, and it makes me tear up every time. Miss you, Grandma. Thanks for hanging on a little longer.


9. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Vaughn Monroe

The version from my favorite Christmas movie, of course…

Die Hard

8. You’re a Mean One, Mister Grinch, Thurl Ravenscroft

This is Lemur’s ringtone right now. I guess that means he’s in his version of Christmas spirit?


7. The entire soundtrack to Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer, Burl Ives

Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit like Sam the Snowman, Rudolph, Hermey, Yukon Cornelius, and the rest. We had a couple foggy Christmases growing up. I am forever grateful to Rudolph shining his light.


6. Christmas Vacation, Mavis Staples

Great movie, great soundtrack, great song. The Russians watching us through our television probably hate us for singing this song already. I mean, yes, they’re Russians watching us through our television, so they probably have many reasons to hate us, but random bursts of, “Hip Hip Hooray for Christmas Vacation,” is up there on the list. (No, I don’t really believe this. Well. Not completely.)

the blessing

5. Gabriel’s Message, Sting

I’d never heard this song before, but it sounds Victorian and haunting. It probably isn’t, but hey, it sounds creepy and cool all at once, which is my kind of Christmas song.


4. Little Drummer Boy, Bob Seger

This is my dad’s favorite Christmas song. I love it, too.


3. Alfie the Christmas Tree / It’s in Every One of Us, John Denver and the Muppets

Here’s a man who understood climate change. This is a song for all of us, all year long. Say a prayer for the wind, and the water, and the wood, and those who live there, too.


2. Last Christmas, Wham

I still love George Michael. This song is so sad, especially now that he’s gone. He died on Christmas day, after his boyfriend left him in bed “sleeping” long enough to avoid drug accessory charges. As one does.

kali ma

And, in case you forgot my other favorite Christmas movie:


1. Thank God It’s Christmas, Queen

Every year, yes, Thank God, it’s almost fucking over. It’s been a long, hard year my friends. I love you all. Hang in there. The season’s almost over, and then we’ll drink to our resolutions and make next year even better! Or just drink Moet and Chandon to forget. It’s what Freddie would do. (That is the biggest bottle of Moet I’ve ever seen.)


What did I miss? What’s your favorite Christmas song?

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