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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Family Memes

It’s that time of year:

It may be a little early for Thanksgiving, but these memes are fitting for my family. I promised I wouldn’t blog about them. I’m not. These are memes. Yeah.

10. This one is for the family I chose for myself. I wish I could spend this weekend gaming, but we have other commitments. Enjoy this meme, instead.

9. Every family has that one…

8. This one reminds me of my dad, but also works for above.

7. I have two sisters. Only one makes me feel like this.

 6. This is when I run away:

5. Who can resist a Game of Thrones meme? 

4. How I will feel on Monday:

3. How I will feel on Sunday:

2. I love cacti.

 1. This is why we are two against the world:

Happy Early Thanksgiving, my friends!

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