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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Fangirl Moments

The title should warn you, I’m about to go happy-as-fuck cheerleader gushy-gross over my favorite things from YaoiCon. As I mentioned Saturday, no pictures. I’m about to rock book covers and gifs, and you are going to like it.

So, without further ado, I interrupt our regularly scheduled Tuesday’s Top Ten to fangirl over…

10. The people who make this all happen. The people who support YaoiCon, the awesome support staff, including the hotel staff, and the panelists, vendors, artists, and Bishounen. Thanks also to the people who supported me and got me here, and the ones who talked me out of my hotel room on Friday after I had a panic attack and a severe case of unworthiness (Marie-Anne and Lemur, I mean you, along with the lovely couple who talked me back down to the Atrium–#6). I had a great weekend and I thank you all so much for that.

9. E.A.B., a.k.a. Maya? The badass at the Yaoi Revolution booth. Loved the panel on publishing. Bought The Straight Line. Panels get me every time. If you’re selling something, and you’re engaging for an hour, I’m buying. (Also bought Fan to Pro by Steven Savage. Same reason.)

8. Itoshi, a.k.a. Sharon. Loved the idea of creating a motorcycle wrench-monkey with absolutely no “write what you know,” and tons of research! So much that I bought the book: Orochi no Kishi.

7. Shira Anthony. Mermen? Seriously? How have I never read you before?! Shira, Amy Lane, and Gus Li did a great panel on making the jump from Yaoi to M/M on Sunday. I was relieved that I already do most of the things. No juicy butts. Always talk about condoms (in contemporary). Fantasy is fantasy and you can write whatever you want, even tentacle sex… (right, Gus?)

6. Bestie and Cutie Pie, Carlos and Cecil. OMG so cute. I love the two of you together. It makes me happy to see you playful and fun and lovey. And no, there are only 12 chest hairs. That one on your shoulder does not count. Ever. For any reason. Well aware I am the reason we cannot have nice things. Still only 12. *Sticks tongue out*

5. Longitudes and Latitudes. I already talked about Ruthie and Ren for a whole blog. Love my pirate wenches so much. They are amazing, talented, and hilarious.

4. Rosie Aikman (also known as my dear Ruthie above) deserves her own mention for having a M/M Romance novel: Unscripted. I RAN OUT OF CASH at YaoiCon, so I bought it on Amazon. As you’ll notice, that won’t deter me from buying it next year.

3. Velvet Toucher. *Squee* I went complete fangirl at the Yaoi Revolution booth for at least five minutes. She was so sweet. If you haven’t checked out Lost in the Snow yet, you should. It’s amazing.

Look, just look at these amazing postcards she signed for me! (Again, not a picture I took. Stole this from her Tumblr. Forgive me.)

2. Gus Li. Gus is amazing. I expected prickly. Guarded, yes, but by the time I had to leave Monday, I GOT A HUG!!! A real hug, not a virtual one! SO AWESOME!!! I planned to buy Ice and Embers (Blessed Epoch Book 2), but they were already sold out. I bought it online instead (still plan to buy the paperback because THESE COVERS ARE GORGEOUS! (And there are 4 so far in the series, so don’t stop at 1 and 2.)

Note to self for next year: Buy ALL THE THINGS on FRIDAY. Even if he’s not at the booth, have him sign later. Thanks so much for having lunch with us, Gus. Ro, I will owe you forever.

1. Amy Lane. No surprise, right? I love this woman. I feel terrible, though. She wrote my bestie into a book, and I have yet to read it. (I finished Candy Man last night, though. YAY!)

Amy dared me to submit Breaking All the Rules. Soon. Don’t wait. Don’t fret. Don’t stew and tell myself I’ll never be good enough. Soon.

I’ve also updated my YaoiCon page with entries from this year (mostly the above). 

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