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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Favorite Supernatural Episodes

A recent debate on Google+ gave me this blog idea. It started with a post:

For the longest time, I stared at it going, “Who IS that guy?” Then, my brain got bored and started trying to finish the sentence. “Asshole? No. DICK. You’re a DICK. Dick Roman. Bwahahaha.”

In the comments, one of the SPN fans posted, “Not my favorite story line.” This made me think. What are my favorite storylines? Favorite episodes?

The first one is a given right?

And it’s too soon to rate Death, my favorite Horseman:

After that, here are my top ten favorite Supernatural episodes, at least, on the road so far…

10. The one with Amy Acker. It’s Amy Acker. Shut up.

9. The one where Dean gets the car back together. Baby’s all right!

8. The one(s) with Garth. There’s just something goofy about that kid from Road Trip.

7. Any Trickster/Loki/Gabriel episode. They loved him, too, or they wouldn’t have made him a recurring role.

6. Any episode where Bobby says, “idjit,” “balls,” or calls someone a princess.

5. The ones where Cass isn’t a badass dick. You know the ones I mean, where he’s all cute and Clarence-y.

4. Sam, trying to recover in the insane asylum. Lucifer is a funny, funny man.

3. The one where Dean returns from the dead. “I’d like to think it’s because of my perky nipples.” Uh-huh. Me too.

2. The musical. A show that honors its fans while also making fun of us a little? If you can’t laugh at yourself, you haven’t lived.

1. Any episode with Crowley. If Crowley the crossroads demon kissed another man to seal a deal…yeah. I am a dirty old woman. In other words, I am this show’s demographic.

I must say, while writing this, I came across memes that reminded me of other awesome episodes, like the one where a child warlock takes over Sam’s body and wants to have “the sex,” the one where the kid’s imagination almost destroys the world and reminded me of Good Omens, and the ones with Benny…ugh, Benny. The feels.

If you know the names of those episodes, then you are a better fan than I, and I will gladly give you that title. Even so, I love this show. I can’t wait for season 11!

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