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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Favorite Wild Animals

In the living room at my parents’ house Friday night, I pulled out my journal and asked them some of the daily prompts. One was to write a day in the life of your favorite wild animal. This happened to fall during shark week, so of course I said “shark.” My sister said, “Owl.” My dad had a hard time with our choices. He thinks wild animals have fur and live on land. I think he has a narrow-minded view of animals. Even so, my list has changed a little since that journal entry. There are critters more lovable than sharks.

10. Wolves: fierce predators who mate for life and put pack above all else.

9. Pandas: not quite bears, but adorable.

8. Polar Bears: adaptive buggers with thick *translucent* coats so they withstand cold and blend in with the snow.

7. Foxes: again, adorable, and clever, and the star of one of my favorite Disney movies.

6. Red Pandas: red + panda = CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

5. Snakes: I prefer these cute little buggers that keep pests out of my yard:

4. Sharks: White. Tiger. Hammerhead. Reef. Black-tipped oceanic.Whale. Nurse. Yeah, I love them all.

3. Honey Badgers: for obvious reasons.

2. Lions: pride aside, they are beautiful creatures.

1. Lemurs: handsome, even when impaired.

What is your favorite wild animal?

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