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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Freddie Mercury Pictures

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Tuesday’s Top Ten to bring you (not so) breaking news: I’M FREAKING OUT! That shouldn’t surprise anyone. I just packed my pirate costume. I can’t wait to win free stuff at the Longitudes and Latitudes booth. Or just see my friends. That works, too.

If you’ve been watching over at Edie Montreux, I’m posting a new Freddie Mercury picture each day from September 5 to November 24. Here are my top ten favorite pictures of Freddie Mercury:

10. “The tea is MINE.”

9.”Cocky Bastard.” With a stare like that, we believe it.

8.”Traveling Man.”

7. “Delilah.”

6. “For the Love, Have You Never Seen a Man without a Shirt?” Stop rolling your eyes at us, Freddie.

5. “He’s Got the Outfit…” Something about this reminds me of Aladdin.

4. “It’s a Kind of Magic.”

3. “The Sword in the Stone.” If he succeeds, does that make him Queen?

2. “Magic Missile.” Critical hit!

1. “There Can Be Only One.” We still love you, Freddie!

See you next Tuesday, my friends!

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