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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Groundhog Day Moments

At least ten things happened today that I never want to experience again. So I won’t. There’s just too much negativity in the world and I don’t want to add to it. So tonight’s blog is about what I would do differently tomorrow if I had to live it over again. Yes, I know this experiment is supposed to make me see the self-made prison walls around me, and help me open the cell door and walk free. I know this, but sometimes the prison is more comfortable than the utter disappointment of failing my dreams.

So…if I wake up tomorrow and it’s Tuesday, February 2 all over again, I’m going to:

10. Take the Day Off. Fuck it. Nothing I did today was worth the carpool gas money. Except going to coffee and lunch with a friend, which COST money.

9. Clean My House. Except…no. We don’t do that on days that don’t repeat, so why start now?

8. Buy a new pair of shoes. My current Nikes cut into my big toes. I think the right one’s still bleeding. While I’m at it, I need a new pair of black dress shoes for work, too.

7. Shovel some snow. It snowed today. Not as much as they predicted, but enough to push around my driveway and call it fun.

6. Stay off Facebook. Nothing good ever comes from the book of faces.

5. Just BE HAPPY. And grateful. And love life. I remember that place. It’s been awhile.

4. Spend quality time with the dog and cat. Pestering them. They love that.

3. Read a good book. I’m reading Magic’s Pawn by Mercedes Lackey right now, recommended by my very straight, very religious financial planner. It may be the gayest thing he’s ever read, but I appreciate him for making the connection to what I write and wanting to share.

2. Write. Edit. Write some more. Hello, new day job!

1. Convince Lemur to stay home and play video games all day. Or Netflix and Chill. Or a combination of both. Play today on a never-ending loop? Yes, please.

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