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Tuesday’s Top Ten(ish): Actors Who Look Like Other Actors

I often confuse actors and actresses for other actors and actresses, or say, “She could be so-and-so’s sister…”

In my defense, I don’t see well. Lemur and I once got in a shouting match over the actresses in House on Haunted Hill. I kept confusing Ali Larter and Bridgette Wilson. This was long before Resident Evil and Lost, so I only had “The Girl from Mortal Kombat,” as reference. I think I won the final argument, since I WAS RIGHT, The Girl from Mortal Kombat WAS in the movie, but he watched it alone while I cried my eyes out, so we both lost. That was our first real argument as a married couple. (You’re learning so much about me…gross.)

Here are some examples of actors I mistake for other actors or their relatives:

15, 14. Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) and Denis O’Hare (True Blood, American Horror Story)

Every time I saw an ad for the first season of Better Call Saul, I said, “Look, Russell Edgerton.” Lemur was not amused.

I like them both, but O’Hare wins at life:

13,12. Camren Bicondova (Gotham) and Danielle Campbell (Originals)

This was one of the “sister” comparisons. They are both adorable, and if their names are any indication, not related.

11,10. Bridgette Wilson-Sampras and Ali Larter

It’s not my fault they had the same color treatment.

9. Ali Larter (Resident Evil) and Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect)

What can I say? I think Ali Larter looks like many people.

8, 7. Justin Long (Mac kid) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Third Rock from the Sun kid)

Even Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks skeptical…

6,5,4. Chris Pine (Captain Kirk), Chris Evans (Captain America), and Logan Kale (Eyes Only on Dark Angel.)

3,2,1. Nathan Fillion (The Fuck You Don’t Know Who Nathan Fillion Is) Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) Jason Bateman (Justine’s more famous brother) (Guess which one is my favorite…)

I did mention I don’t see well. You be the judge. Who do you usually confuse with someone else?

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