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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Mika Songs

I’ve been traveling a lot over the last few weeks. Music is the best way for me to pass the time on an airplane. For my last three flights, I have listened to my downloaded playlist, which consists of nothing but Mika. That’s right. Four albums. 51 songs. So much Mika.

Why, you ask?

Why not? What I want to know is why more United States citizens aren’t buying his albums. He has a song with the chorus,  “I only love you when I’m drunk.” Another song praises “Big girl, you are beautiful.” So many reasons to love Mika. Here are my top ten favorites.

10. “Grace Kelly.” This song was my introduction to Mika. The Whiffenpoofs sang it on The Sing Off.

9. “Popular Song.” Wicked good. Pun intended. He even sang it with Kristen Chenoweth.

8. “Overrated.” This song has defined Iowa Hawkeye football for me since its release in 2012.

7. “Love you When I’m Drunk.” If you know a happier break-up song, let me know. Until then, this one is forming plot bunnies in my head.

6. “By the Time.” The feels. This video is a compilation of all of Mika’s other music videos, but this song… Mika needs a better marketing department. His greatest gems should have their own videos.

5. “Hurts.” More feels. “I can’t stop hearing all the words you said…I can’t stop hearing words. That’s how hearts get hurt.” This is off the new album, so I still have hope that this will be a video.

4. “I See You.” Love from a distance, when you don’t want to say it for fear of rejection.

3. “Origin of Love.” Finally,  a happy, feel-good relationship song. This is truly how I feel about Lemur. “Thank God that I found you.” Spending time away from him shows me how blessed I am.

2. “Last Party.” Mika’s self-proclaimed tribute to Freddie Mercury? Fuck yeah. A boy after my own heart.

But again…dude…if this is about Freddie Mercury, get permission to use video from Queen, and make this a true tribute. WHO THE FUCK TOLD HIM, “JUST STAND IN FRONT OF A CAMERA” FOR FOUR MINUTES?! Mika is cute, but this song has so much more going for it.

1. “Happy Ending.” Love, love, love this song. When I light a candle on Freddie’s birthday, this is the song I play after, “The Show Must Go On.”

ETA: video. BTW, Blogger has the worst app ever. If you’ve tried to use it, you know what I mean.

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