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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Negan Memes

I know, I said I was too busy writing to post Top Ten lists, but I’m greatly saddened by the lack of Supernatural (SPN) / The Walking Dead (TWD) crossover memes out there. I searched for the best Negan memes on the interwebz.

10. This one’s pretty generic, and closely resembles the top 1/3 of the search results for Negan memes:

9. This was the first SPN/TWD crossover I found:

8. Dad’s on TWD!

7. Who’s Negan?

6. Many potential riots… Here…

5. Here…

4. And Here…

3. Hello, Lucille:

2. Don’t worry, Daryl won’t see it coming:

1. You’re going to stop watching? Really?

BONUS MEMES: these were too good to pass up:

*Aww, he thinks he made it!

**We all know how Carol feels about her flowers…

I can’t wait for October! Who’s with me?

Until then, I’ll be singing this song… 

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