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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Queen Songs

I think Saturday’s post made it clear that I don’t have time to be lollygagging around. Over the next few weeks, or months, or however long it takes me to finish rewriting The Farbonnir Elves series, I’m going to blog about my favorite things.

My obvious starting place: Queen Songs.

10. “I Want to Break Free.”

Why? Best. Video. Ever. Also, great for memes:

9. “Save Me.”

Why? “Each night I cry, I still believe the lie, ‘I love you until I die.'” 

Newsflash, Journey: sometimes we need to stop believing.

8. “Killer Queen.”

Why? Seriously? You have to ask? “She keeps Moet and Chandon in her pretty cabinet.” Freddie wrote a song about ME!!! Granted, I wasn’t even born yet, let alone old enough to drink, or be a high-priced call-girl, but it’s still about me. Someone better tell Carly Simon that she may have also written a song about me…

7. “The Show Must Go On.”

Why? “My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies. The fairy tales of yesterday grow old but never die. I can fly, my friends.” 

He knew. 

He knew he was about to die.

He wrote this song anyway. 

He sang this song anyway. 

He broke my heart anyway.

This is a compilation video because there wasn’t enough time to make a video before Freddie was gone. If you’ve seen “These Are the Days of Our Lives,” you’ll understand why I’m glad they did not make a video for this song.

6. “I’m Going Slightly Mad.”

This is the video I’m glad they made. All that heavy makeup may be flaking, but at least they had fun.

5. “Somebody to Love.”

Why? I love this song because Freddie loved this song. I’d like to think he found his somebody to love in Jim Hutton. I don’t care what Phoebe says. They were fucking adorable together.

4. “Too Much Love Will Kill You.”

Why? I hope it’s true for that lying, cheating bastard that made me need “Save Me.”

Besides, this song is one of the best Queen ballads ever sung. Played…not so much. Brian likes his synthesizers more than anyone else does.

3. “Death on Two Legs.”

Why? “You suck my blood like a leach, you break the law and you preach,  you screw my brain ’til it hurts. You’ve taken all my money, and you want more…” Admit it. You’ve never heard this song, and you like it already.

2. “One Year of Love.”

Why? Highlander. And the chorus after the guitar solo is perfect for harmonizing. I think they put it there just for me.

1. “Who Wants to Live Forever.”

Why? “Who waits forever anyway?”

Live for now. Live your dreams. Someone will remember you forever.

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