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Tuesday’s Top Ten: Time Sucks

I just spent an hour watching Junjou Romantica on YouTube. I’ve been trying to avoid time sucks, but then something new screams, “WATCH ME!” and three hours later, I’m staring at a blank page trying to figure out how Japanese university students relate to my elves.

So tonight’s top ten: Time Sucks. Most of these are social media. You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

10. Shit I should do before I write. Exercise. Journal. Check e-mail. Respond to e-mail from a week ago when I said I was going to do the thing and then never did it. Eat so I don’t pass out. Some of these are important, but they keep me from doing what I need to do to EXPRESS MY SOUL, MAN!

9. All the random shit on television. The news. Hardcore Pawn. Random movie on HBO. The Scientology documentary. Ellen. Dr. Phil. Other shit Lemur watches that sucks me into the void and keeps me from going upstairs to write. Yeah. Like it’s Lemur’s fault.

8. Google Plus. I have an extensive photo album of Freddie Mercury pics, thanks to Google Plus. Stealing, I mean borrowing, photos is quick and easy. I don’t spend as much time there. Unless I’m convinced to watch other things. See below.

7. Ello. I just don’t get it. I use Ello to talk at a friend who abandoned all other social media. It’s underwhelming. I just stare at all the white space going, “WHAT THE FUCK?”

6.Twitter. I read books, not tweets. I write books, not tweets. Sometimes, all I do on Twitter is click on the pretty half-naked boys so I can see just how close to pr0n they are (sometimes: pr0n O.O) and see if I want to follow any of the people in my suggestions list. The rest is just too confusing for me. 150 characters doesn’t tell me enough to care.

5. Tumblr. It takes me twenty minutes to find Out of Context D&D quotes amidst a sea of angst and pr0n. I use Tumblr like I use Facebook, which I’m sure is defeating the purpose.

4. Facebook. I love Facebook so much I have two accounts. In other words, I AM STUCK IN THE BLACK HOLE OF TIME SUCK! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

3. Yaoi Randomness. Granted, this is how I found Junjou Romantica. The kids who run this Google Plus group make me feel so old with their talk about classes and homework. They show cute, cute manga pics, though.

2. YouTube. Where else can you find Queen videos, Yaoi manga shows, and other time sucks  you never knew existed?

1. The Vampire Diaries. Please, let this show either end or get better after Nina Dobrev leaves. I would watch Ian Somerhalder read the phone book for 42 minutes a week if he wasn’t wearing a shirt, but he doesn’t spend enough time on camera on this stupid show to make it worthwhile for me.

I’ve lost one hour to the time suck today. How about you?

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