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Tuesday's Top Ten: Ways 2021 Will Be Better

It's Tuesday again, and no blog yesterday. Why not make it a thing and hammer out a top ten? I might as well go back to the old ways - these are the deadlines I can hit (until I can't, and then these will be Wednesday/Sunday blogs, followed by Thursday/Monday blogs...).

I'm probably tempting fate, but I've put together a list of ways 2021 will be better than 2020. Well aware there's no magic-wand waving happening at midnight on December 31 to make the evils of the world go away, but 2021 has to be better, right? IT MUST BE BETTER.

With that in mind, here are ten wishes for the new year:

10. I will have three finished novels to shop/publish in 2021. I haven't shopped a damn thing in 2020, even though I published The King's Physician in January and Pika Perfect in May. I will also have an erotica short ready for newsletters in January, just in time for gym resolutions!

9. Speaking of gym resolutions, I'm moving from a Chinese knock-off to an actual American exercise tracker (probably made in China) in 2021. No more wondering if my phone will sync with my app will sync with my band, or if I should just set the whole thing on fire and walk away.

8. I'll have more pictures of the dogs, Lemur, and nature next year. I'm making it a point to take at least one new pic each day. I might even share some of them.

7. I will find the time to write (at least) 500 words every day in 2021. I made it through half of 2020 - I know I can do it!

6. I know I say this every year, but I'll be better at marketing in 2021 than I was in 2020.

5. I'll be more open and honest about who I am as a human in 2021. I've made huge steps toward being more authentic (or ... Edie) in my work life. 2021 might even be the year I come out to my team as demisexual. I'm out at work in certain groups, and I came out to my Toastmasters friends (in a speech, as one does), but I've never said the words, "Hey, as far as you all are concerned, I'm asexual. I have an emotional connection to you, but it's like you're family. I've only been attracted to four people in my life, and only one of them was worthy, so I married him." 2021 is my year for complete disclosure. Maybe. If it ever comes up. *Runs away screaming, because why would it ever come up?!

4. I'll be able to watch movies when they're released on HBO Max. We haven't been to a movie on release night since we broke up with our cinema-loving friends in 2006. I hate movie theaters. I love my couch. Win-win. Thanks, Warner Brothers!

3. We'll have a new U.S. President on January 20. Not saying everything will be perfect, but some of the dumpster fire will be put out, at least.

2. Before the end of 2021, I will see my Bestie again. After we've both been vaccinated, I'm arranging the trip to San Francisco I've been plotting since this time 2019.

1. As soon as I can, I will hug my parents again. They should receive the vaccine in early 2021. As long as I don't have to worry about giving them COVID, I will hug them even if it could kill me. FYI: I still personally hate hugs, so I will continue to refuse to hug the people I always refuse to hug.

Shh, doggo. Let's give 2021 a chance.

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